We will help you design and development a user-friendly app that beats your competition
Your customers expect a seamless, intuitive experience that makes it easy to navigate and accomplish their goals on the app. If your app is poorly designed, it can lead to frustration, negative reviews, and lost customers. Our team will assist you in developing a user-friendly app that not only meets but also surpasses the expectations of your customers with our experienced design and development services.
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Improve Conversions
A user-friendly app will help you build trust and improve conversions
Increase Reach
Helps your business reach new audiences
Differentiate From Competitors
Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering a unique value proposition
Create a positive first impression
A well-designed app can create a positive first impression and establish your business as a leader in its industry
How this works
Step 1
Define the goals & target audience of the app
We will help you define the goals and target audience of the app. This will help us design a website that is effective in meeting your needs.
Step 2
Plan the budget & milestones
It’s important to plan your budget for app design and development, and choose a mobile app development platform and features that fit within your budget.
Step 3
Create a wireframe and user flow
Our designers will create a visual representation of the app’s structure, and a blueprint of the app’s layout and functionality. This will help design an app that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
Step 4
Design & develop the app
We will use your branding guide or allocate a color scheme, typography, and imagery that resonates with your target audience and reinforces your brand message.

Our development team will use a platform like Flutter or React Native to build the app and ensure that it is perfect across all mobile devices.
Step 5
Publish the app
We will publish the app to the App Store or Google Play, and submit the app for review.
Step 6
Monitor and update the app
After the app is published, it's important to monitor and update the app regularly. We use analytics tools to track app usage and user behavior, and make updates to the app as needed to improve its performance and meet your business goals.
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What people say about us
We've been working closely with Mercif for the last few months. I do have to admit they really do go above and beyond for us, whether it's 11 at night or 7am on a Sunday morning, they have delivered.
Bobby Rana
Supply Base
Fantastic team of people that are great to work with and communicative around any issues.
Thomas Wang
Cutting Edge Captial
Fantastic service for incredible prices. Highly recommended!
Kerry Zhang
Evergreen Foods
We worked with Annie and her team very closely in the last 6 months. They have continuously exceeded expectations and communicated effectively to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Looking forward to continuing working with them!
David Gulasi
The team at Berserq have greatly benefited from engaging Mercif for our marketing needs. Their innovative approach, dedication to results, and unique approach sets them apart. I highly recommend them for any startup that wants to achieve your marketing goals.
James Wan
Thank you so much for creating my business card. I appreciated our collaboration, your design suggestions were much appreciated. Thanks for the fast turn around too! I’m really happy with the result.
Wendy Buckingham
Buckingham House Finders
Had an amazing experience working with Annie and her team at Mercif. All my requirements were met and Annie went above and beyond to fully understand my needs. Work was completed timely, professional and high quality. Look forward to working with Mercif again soon!
Tharusha Jayasena
Mantra Skin