How this new marketplace gained its initial 2000 users
MarketLyfe is a community-driven sell and buy platform for Aussies.
Improved UX
Through our feedback from users, the new UX on the app received very positive responses.
1000+ users in the last month
Alongside our marketing strategies, our designs improved the user experience for new users.
The main platform
MarketLyfe wanted to build an app that was user friendly, while incorporating a fun experience for the users. This process wasn’t as simple as designing an application, we also considered add-ons that we can also
Key problems
No return on ad spend (as service being offered for free)
Limited brand awareness
Required high traffic to make business viable
Limited brand awareness
Conversion based campaigns weren’t very viable
Limited brand awareness
Our goal
The goal was to help develop the user experience and user interface for this local Aussie marketplace.
Our approach
Step 1
Development of user flow with stakeholders
We talked to key stakeholders to monitor how they interacted with the app, and similar apps. Through this process, we were able to determine the key issues and experiences we needed to focus on.
Step 2
UX and UI sprint
Our designers will create a visual representation of the website's structure, and a blueprint of the website's layout and functionality. This will help design a website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
Step 3
Collaboration with the MarketLyfe team
As an integral part of all of our projects, we always collaborate with the startup  to co-create a product that the target audience is satisfied with.
Step 4
Handover to development
We will publish the website via your chosen web hosting provider and upload the website to the internet.
More results
We increased user retention by 50%
Fantastic service for incredible prices. Highly recommended!
Bobby Rana
User friendly app
92% positive feedback from users
Fantastic client feedback