How this blockchain game built a strong community in Telegram and Discord
NEXTYPE is the world's leading blockchain game-integrated distribution platform, focusing on self-developed GameFi products, traditional games remaking with blockchain, and top IPs commercialized and empowered with NFT.
23,000+ subscribers (YTD)
We increased the Telegram group by 15% in the last 6 months
10,000 Members (YTD)
We increased the Discord group by 30% in the last 6 months
Discord & Telegram
The main platform
In 2022, NEXTYPE reached out to us to build a stronger community across platforms such as Telegram and Discord. As a blockchain game platform, NEXTYPE is dedicated to providing players with the top blockchain game experience.

In conjunction with social media management, community building was an essential foundation for our overall growth strategy.
Key problems
Creating a strong community
Limited brand awareness
Managing thousands of users across different channels
Limited brand awareness
Building credibility among the community
Limited brand awareness
Our goal
The goal of the community management was to increase the number of power users and increase overall engagement.
Our approach
Step 1
Audited the Discord & Telegram communities
We monitored the community across a number of different channels, and allocated new moderators and bots to moderate the chats.
Step 2
Facilitated community management
We allocated designated community managers across the Telegram and Discord communities to further grow the communities by posting frequently, answering inquiries and interacting with the community members.
Step 3
Target Social Media Channels
We directed traffic from Twitter to Discord and Telegram, offering exclusive information to members of the community.
Step 4
Automated the Community Management Process
We used a variety of automation tools to properly set up the foundation of the communities. This included creating welcome messages and preventing spam from overtaking the channels.
We increased daily active users by 50%
We worked with Annie and her team very closely in the last 6 months. They have continuously exceeded expectations and communicated effectively to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Looking forward to continuing working with them!
David Gulasi
35,000+ maximum daily active users
35% increase in followers
Contributed to 400,000 users
Global platform across 140 countries
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