This is how we improved messaging on this photorealistic AI-generated photorealistic images platform
Berserq is a photorealistic AI-generation implementation for agencies.
Increase in conversions
Alongside our marketing strategies, our copywriting improved the reading experience on the site.
Targeted messaging
We create website content that directly spoke to Berserq's target audience.
Berserq wanted to reach more customers through targeted messaging and more concise copywriting throughout the website. As an agency ourselves, we were able to help the Berserq team rewrite their content for their target audience.
Key problems
Product was difficult to concisely explain
Limited brand The existing content on the website was too technical for the target audience.
Value proposition is unclear
The value was buried under too much information.
Our goal
The goal was to clearly project Berserq’s value proposition and offering across the landing page with cut-through headlines and content.
Our approach
Step 1
Created a proposal
We researched and established the goals of the website content.
Step 2
Drafted up new landing page content
Our copywriting team drafted up a few variations for the key sections of the landing page.
Step 3
Collaborated with the Berserq team
We went back and forth with the team to ensure that the messaging aligned with their vision.
Step 4
Finalised the landing page
Our team made final adjustments to the landing page content, and suggested different ways to A/B test in the next few months.
We clearly projected the startup's value proposition
The value proposition and product description was clear to the target audience.
The team at Berserq have greatly benefited from engaging Mercif for our marketing needs. Their innovative approach, dedication to results, and unique approach sets them apart. I highly recommend them for any startup that wants to achieve your marketing goals.
James Wan
Improved targeted messaging
Increase in conversions
Professional content
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